Your Lover is Your Trophy (?)

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Got this deep thought, minutes before I go to bed. It was a friend who shared a joke about the messed up generation, where people tend to look for a trophy than a soulmate. Funny that, people nowadays have a big thirst of self-actualization, it even affects their love life. We tend to find a good-looking person, someone who we can show off to our friends, followers, or stalkers. It skipped my heart. I was surprisingly amazed with what she said. It’s an ugly truth, indeed.

People love to show the relationship off to get more likes, more loves, more favorites on virtual world. We insist on sharing our romantic life, about what we do, where we go, what gifts we get, how handsome/beautiful our lover is, how talented he/she is, how wealthy he/she is, how we make it look perfect to each other. With the main purpose, to make outsiders spread the words of “How lucky your life is!”

While the thing is…

It’s not the publicity, it’s the real relationship that matters. The goal of having a relationship is to build together a strong character, to complete each other, to have, and to care for each other, to be the first person every time we need each other. We do have the authority to be proud of who we have as our partner. Yes, it’s absolutely normal, but don’t get this wrong, as we human, we tend to sail over a sea of applause. We unconsciously put more effort to please the public, without even realize about what’s really going on between us.

We take more pictures of our rich, handsome/beautiful, talented, charming, smart beloved one, and couldn’t care more about our relationship itself. Our lover is our trophy, yes, we’re proud to have them. I mean, why not? We love them and we’re proud enough to tell people, “Hey check out, I got this amazing lovable man with me” ; However, do we really need to show it off too much? I didn’t say that you’re not allowed to publish them in public, it’s just the limit that matters. It’s the purpose of the publicity, it’s what you really feel every time you post about you guys that matters, it’s your real relationship that matters.

Shall we look back to ourselves now?

Or shall I go first?

*Have I loved you in the right way? Do I love you sincerely, or do I only like you because of what you have?*

What about you, readers?




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