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Detox  /ˈdiːtɒks/ [NOUN] : A process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.

Detox  /ˈdiːtɒks/ [VERB] : Abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances

Translation from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/detox

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I have to say, it wasn’t a nice month, or for a few months to be exact. All I did was worrying about everything. I’m not a superhuman like Chris Brown, I do face so many difficulties and problems in life. Typical problems of 20s age youngsters anyways, you know, about jobs, future, friends, guys (oh of course :p), and so many uninteresting problems.

“It’s not easy to be me.” At least that’s how John Ondrasik describes me in his song.

As a thinker, or I should say, an over-thinker, it depressed me a lot. Funny thing is, I got so sick, I had this severe headache, high temperature, and a sudden low-blood pressure. A doctor indicated that I got all this sudden disease because of stress, because of too much thinking. Another ridiculous disease I got because of stress. It wasn’t my first time to get sick because of over-thinking which leads me to stress. I went to an internist, a dentist, a general practitioner, and some other health practitioners before because I was attacked by some different diseases because of STRESS.

Okay, enough.

I should say that I’m quite extrovert, I do share my problems with some friends, I spent a few times sharing about my problems, well they face those typical things as well. But in my solitary moment, I sometimes push my mind a bit much, to think, and think, and rethink, and so on. That’s the reason why I still have this weak stress management. It came up to my mind, that I have to take step back ward, and stop everything I do, just to recharge my energy and refresh my heavy thoughts about everything. I need a holiday, I said. But it’s impossible, because I’m a full-time employee now, and I’m no longer have the ability to leave all my responsibilities.

And there goes…

I got this sudden self-medication. I think I need to detox MY MIND. I need to detox myself from PEOPLE WHO MAKE ME FEEL UNHAPPY. I need to reset my way of living. I need to find new enlightenments, I need to find new perspectives, new ways to think outside the box, so I wouldn’t dismay to my current problematic life. It’s simply because if I still get myself stuck on those issues, I wouldn’t find myself happy, because that’s how I should achieve. I should be happy, I should love my life, I should not worry about people who doesn’t even give a damn about me.

So, I signed up for a yoga class, I take two times a week to blank my complex mind with a meditation session in yoga class. Moreover, I blocked some people out on my social media accounts, I’m starting to join some special classes or talk show events on weekends (the first one happened yesterday, more about the event will be coming up soon!) so I can meet new and active young people. It has been one week, and I feel so much better. I’m not sure if it’s going to be temporary or what, but I should say, my kind of detox definitely affects me really well.

I feel a lot healthier, as I release some people away from my thoughts, and the next thing I should achieve is to RELIEVE. It’s going to take some time, but hell, I’m going to enjoy the show anyways. I’m too tired to find my heart against my thoughts, and vice versa. So, if any of you feeling distressed and you feel like you have no options to face your problems, try to follow me, DETOX YOUR SELF FROM THE THINGS OR PEOPLE THAT MAKE YOU UNHAPPY.  If you feel like you have to avoid them for a while, just do it, if you feel like to block them, just do it. Remember to always love yourself, your body deserves something good, something like happiness. And you, who is reading this post right at this moment, you deserve to be happy.




As usual, I always listen to a song while writing, but this time is a little bit different.  I usually only listen to one song, and try to imagine that song as the soundtrack of the article, but this time I listen to the whole album. It is Glorify, presented by an Indonesian but used-to-be Malaysia based young musicians named FreshGe, and one of them is my dearest friend when I lived in Guangzhou, Adrian Pratama Kosasih. I love the song on #1, #2, #5, and #9. Please have yourself listen to the albums, as it can be downloaded on iTunes now.


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