We Are Loved

Sitting right in the front of my laptop, tuning to 8tracks.com’s – ‘Male Voices That’ll Make You Melt’ playlist, and this thing just comes up into my mind.

How I feel totally blessed with the fact that I’m surrounded by people who love me sincerely and unconditionally. Parents, brothers, sisters, best friends, friends, and many other groups that I love so. This makes me feel so thankful. Realizing that I’ve lived with everyone I love, and enjoy life with people I’d love to share it with. This makes me look clearer to my life that I have nothing to be worry about.

Dear families,

I want to tell you that I’m so blessed to have you guys in my life. Seeing and sharing both happiness and sorrows would never be this much fun without you guys. We may cope in debates, angriness, and fights, but don’t forget about those happy passages we have. And to my parents, I thank God for having the best parents in the world, I know we may not be that close enough. Especially for me, as the kid, who doesn’t always share my private stories with you guys. But I hope you guys know how I still feel thankful for this, because you guys are always there, anytime, everytime I need help, advice, and point of views to face my future and all my struggles in everything I want to reach.

Dear friends,

Hey guys, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done and make my life this dynamical. We face the fights, the tears, the love all along. I thank you guys for stand still and befriend with both my black and white sides, and of course, thanks for not leaving me and show me how to deal with broken-hearted stories.  Guys, we’ll face the different ways ahead, and in the end, I hope we’ll be successful just as we hope so. I know we can, I know we will. I’ll see you guys at the top!

Dear readers,

I just want to tell you that life may not be as easy as you think it should be. One thing for sure, just believe that you are loved and things will get well like you’ve never thought before. People around you, they love you, they do care about you, and they’d love to do anything to lift you up in every seconds you feel down.

What can you ask for more?

I know, this post may contain too much cliché, but that’s truth that I feel myself. I run, I fall, and I get up again because of love I received from people around me. Now it’s your turn, to rise, and face the days ahead. Put your smiles on, dear readers!

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