The world is not A Wish-granting Factory

*Now Playing: Flight Facilities – Crave You*

At least, that’s what life has taught me. Or perhaps, it also happens to you? You don’t get what you want, you crave for something new, something you wish you could achieve, having a tremendous change in your life; because you’re just too tired to have your ass sit in the same cubicle, to smile to the one person who disrespects you, to get stuck in your past relationship, to grow in an uncertain process. You know you don’t belong to where you are, yet you have no idea where should go to. You’ve been crying and complaining, nevertheless, you do realize those craps won’t take you anywhere but still; hence, you’ve been hoping for a change, you just can’t stop because you feel trapped.

In fact, it’s good to realize what you want to change in your life. It takes courage to encounter your discomfort. The world is not a wish-granting factory, indeed! But, we also have the power to give some more shots, and make our wishes come true. Start it all by slowly changing the one person you see in the mirror (Michael Jackson, eh?). A change cannot happen and will not happen overnight, right?  It sucks, but we probably just need to enjoy the show. In the meantime, you can have yourself consuming more books, listening to new music, be open to new things, and help yourself to be decent enough for new chances. It may be mind-numbing, but if you enjoy the process, who knows if you’ll steal the show in the end. All just because having faith is not enough; it takes your actions and patience to grant your wishes.

Good luck to you and me. As I started writing this, my head was overflowing with thoughts of so many things I want to change. I kept whining, I had been cranky, I had been cursing this and that. But after a long contemplation I did on the last unproductive weekend, I know exactly that I love my life. I’m grateful with what I have. I believe all those changes are only about time. It will come to us soon. Very berry soon!


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