The Perks of Losing Someone

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Maybe what I’d say years ago 🙂 Don’t judge this 20 something-year-old lady, but these just what she got after losing and being lost.

Yes, she was lost.

It was really hard for her to accept the truth that, the one she loved so much no longer wanted to work on their relationship anymore. She struggled a lot and it took her a long time. You have no idea how many times she fell off and cried at herself for being pathetic. She had no spirit to grow and picked up her broken pieces.

But heyyyy 😉 It was her, okay, it was me; because when I decided to let go and accept what’s left with me, I’ve found the fact that there are surely some perks of losing someone. It takes time to finally realize it, and bring myself to the exact point where I feel content with it.

If you never lose somebody, you never know yourself more than ever. You had no idea about being strong after you push yourself hard enough to get up from the down. Crying out loud at midnight seems like a routine, but you’re just strong enough to wake up the next morning, button up your shirt, and attack the day with your inner strength (you just have no idea where they came from). You might not realize, until one day when you look back and smile to yourself saying, “Good job, self. We’re such a good team.” Besides, you will also have more quality time with yourself. You’ll find out what you really love and what you want to do in life. You’ll chase it, you will work harder, not for anyone but to please yourself, and you will be proud of it. It’s you and always you who can make yourself happy.

You will walk the extra miles, you will meet so many new awe-inspiring people who will give you more perspectives on how seeing life. These people will surely open your eyes & bring you to new horizon. You will stand where the whole new world of great opportunities stand before you, and you’ll just take it and give it a try without any doubt. Furthermore, you’ll get both social and emotional supports from them. The more you expand your network, the more probability you have in getting supports from your surroundings.

The best part of losing someone is you will meet a new soul who stole your heart. Believe it or not, you will be grateful losing your love, because it may be the way for you two to meet each other. This new soul may be far from what you dream of, they maybe don’t have specific characters you wish. However, they will reveal the real meaning of love to you. Both of you will realize that love is not limited to what you defined because you guys have a different meaning of love. And this will make both of you to blend in and redefine the real meaning of love, to accept each other flaws and love each other uniqueness. You will be grateful to meet each other.




I have to say, it is necessary to lose someone. You learn how to love somebody as much as you love yourself. You know how it feels to be hurt, you know how to cure the pain, and of course you know how to protect yourself more to prevent the same mistake you made. Note that loving someone is a blessing, and you should be grateful for it. It’s never wrong to get hurt, but it’s always better to be healed. It’s okay when life gets you down, but the choice is always in your hand. You just gotta do what you gotta do. And if you allow me, I’ll make you to count ‘lose and being lost’ as a blessing.



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