Second Chance?

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Every so often in life, our path will cross to some point where we meet failures. The most painful one is when it matters to heart. I’m sure it’s not only me, but you also failed once or twice in this area. Some people said that fail in love will lead us to maturity. Adulthood sucks, indeed. There will be some changes for yourself, because your love gone wrong, then you give yourself a break. You surround yourself with a bunch of activities because this heartbreak thing is not even worth to appear on your mind. You don’t even consider of coming back again. You’ve moved on (or at least, you think so).

Until one day, you see that familiar face standing right in the corner of the room, giving you the same heartbeat, that same enchanting smile. Your mind starts to attack you.

“Oh maybe this time will be different.”
“Oh, this time we’ll built to last.”
“Don’t you believe in God? This time will work, let’s ask Him to make it this time.”

or the worst case is
“There are also some lucky people out there who succeed in their second chance.”

Then you go for another shot, even if you know that a second chance will not warrant that everything will be way better. I’m gonna help you to bold this one: there also some lucky people. Yes, second chance only applies only to lucky creatures. Lucky ones. Only the lucky ones.

Same thing happened to me, I’m as naive as people in general. I believed that everyone (including me) deserves a second chance to love, to hope. What I missed was, I didn’t educate myself enough on which kind of person deserves a second chance and which kind doesn’t. So then, I failed. Again, at the second chance.

What I know is, it’s okay to let ourselves open another door for certain people to come back again. Nonetheless, when it doesn’t work again, perhaps it will never work, probably not. You just have to accept that things will never work again.

What I’m trying to say is please think before doing the same thing you did before (in this case, something like getting back or chasing back the same person). Don’t run to them just because you see that familiar face, or because you miss having good times with that same soul. The first time you fail, it will hurt you so much, you can’t even feel your body. But the second one, it feels twice or even five times worse.

Think twice, think wise.

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