Graduate On Time .CHECK.

Satisfied Scores .CHECK.

Find a Job ???

Taking a Master’s Degree ???

It’s actually a quite hard decision to make by us, fresh-graduates, if we don’t have any strong will how we want to live our life. Why hard? Because some of us may choose it not because of what we want, but by what people tell us how to live it. Some of my friends, they already picked one or even both of the options. Some choose because it’s surely what they want, and some choose it just because people told them so.

It’s pathetic.

Both of the options are good, but if you choose it simply not for yourself, then I think it’s wrong. We are the actors who will play on our life scenarios, and that’s why it should be us who choose it. We are the ones who know what we want, what we need. People just help us telling how to pursue our goals, and support us. The question is : do we really know what is actually the thing we die for and are we brave enough to stand out and speak loud to show people ‘THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO BE’?

I doubt it. Not all of us confident enough to tell people how we want to live our life. And in the end, we just go with what people say, and work/study without feeling happy at all because we know it’s not our passion at all. You want to be one of them? No? Good. Go take a note and write down all the most enjoyable things you’ve ever done and find out which one you really want to be. This will lead you to easily answer the main question, is it looking for a job, or taking a Master’s degree, or.. taking another path to achieve what you love.

What about me?

I make my own option.  I currently neither look for a full-time job, nor taking a Master’s degree. I choose to learn another foreign language, still trying to find a freelance job instead. At first, it’s hard watching people go to work 5 days and 40 hours per week, while I just go to my course to learn foreign language, without earning money at all. But after all, I’m happy with what I do now. If I choose one of options, I won’t be able to go to Vietnam and did social development project in there months ago. I won’t be able to explore new places in Jakarta in week days, which make me able to say good-bye to the fucking traffic on weekends. I won’t be able to go on some vacations. I won’t be able to do others this and that.

Straight to some points I actually want to share by writing this post :

  • Everything you choose, it won’t be wrong if it’ll surely develop yourself.
  • Everything you choose, it won’t be wrong if you can be responsible with it.
  • Everything you choose, it won’t be wrong if you do it all out without any pressure.

So, what’s gonna be your option?


Ready to take the big leap?

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