Top 5 Series: My Favorite Instagram Kids

As a non kid lover, I sometimes find it hard to get close or even interact with these little annoying yet adorable creatures. But what can I say, as I grow older I started to love seeing kids, some friends said I’m probably ready to be a mom, but no, there’s no exact correlation in between. I guess it all happens because there are so many awesome moms out there who upload their kids’ day-to-day activity on Instagram. Yes, kids with their most innocent mimic, sweet smiles, or even lovable angry face, have stolen my heart.

On this post, I’m going to share my favorite Instagram kids and yes,  I recommend you to follow their mom’s account on Instagram (stalking is not enough!), or you can go through their moms’ blog because these moms have an inspiring blog to read through. Here goes my favorite Instagram kids (not in order):

Iris Gill of Sarah Fortune

This talkative little darling, a big fan of CVS, the only one quirky girl who chose CVS as her birthday party theme. I always love when her mom uploads her 15 secs video on Instagram, you can search it by using hashtag #WatchIRIS. This girl babbles innocently. One of her latest video is the one when she couldn’t figure out why panties have cute patterns. “What are they thinking? They should be white or clear,” she said. This girl really goes through my mind, I was once thinking about the exact same thing, lol.

Instagram: @sarahfortune  // Blog:

Picture taken from Instagram: 1 & 2

Michaela Braeckevelt of Andrea Braeckevelt

The pink lover girl, who has a cute smile. I don’t know much about this girl, but from what I see, she is a Singaporean kid model. Just like Iris, this girl sometimes shows up on 15 secs video on Instagram. I remember the first time I fell for this girl, it was when I watched her asking salads from her grandma. “Please grandma, can I have some salad please, Grandma?…. I love you, grandma.” Oh my God, who can resist that face??

Instagram: @andrea_braeckevelt 

Picture taken from Instagram: 3 & 4

Karissa, Tristan, and Katelyn of Erica Yeo

Karissa is the big sister for cute chubby boy-girl twins, Tristan and Katelyn. Her mom often posts their pictures together. While Karissa loves to wear tutu skirt, her little twin brother/sister love to share anything together (at least that’s how their mom teaches them). Sharing things doesn’t always make you feel content, there were several moments when Tristan wouldn’t share or even took away Katelyn’s biscuits/desserts. You should see their face, especially Katelyn’s face when she got angry of her twin brother.

Instagram: @ericayeo

Picture taken from Instagram: 5 & 6

Gemma Bird of Miss James

She is the daughter of one of my favorite blogger, Miss James.  I love to see her long hair, and Miss James always has this camera eyes to capture her beautiful moments. If you visit her blog or Instagram, you’ll most probably see her four adorable children. I wonder how this woman can give birth to 4 beautiful and good looking children.

Instagram: @bleubird  // Blog:

Picture taken from Instagram: 7 & 8

Quenzino Acana Naif of Carissa Puteri

A son of Indonesian celebrity, Carissa Puteri. If you look at his face, you can tell that he looks like his mom a lot! You can see his 15 secs video, and this little guy has been trying to imitating his mom, “Quenzy… Quenzy,” he said. You should also see how Q always feels excited whenever he’s in the car and passing under Jembatan Semanggi or Bundaran HI (Selamat Datang Monument). Ah, this guy…

Instagram: @carissaputeri

Picture taken from Instagram: 9 & 10

Turns out that list down 5 Instagram accounts is not enough, lol. Here goes my extra additional Instagram kid  I’d like to suggest.

Ryshaka Dharma Situmeang of Ryan & Sharena Delon

It is Ryshaka, son of Indonesian celebrity couple, Ryan & Sharena Delon. His parents love to upload his videos, this little guy has stolen my heart since the first time I found his picture on Instagram Explore. Not to mention that this little family also shows us how their young family is showered with love. His parents are so cute together, and his father *clears throat* is as cute as this little guy, lol.

Instagram: @mrssharena or @tail_wagging

Picture taken from Instagram: 11 & 12

There goes my favorite Instagram kids. What about you? I guess you guys also have your favorite little idol. Come share it with me, and don’t forget to tell me where can I stalk their pictures lol. Please write it on comments section below.

PS: I do not own those pictures above, they were all screen captured from their parents’ Instagram account which you can find more by clicking the link on each caption. I also suggest you to follow their Instagram account or head over to their blogs to read more of their inspiring articles.

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