How Are You Today?

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I found so many people feeling good these days, so many people around me dealing with happiness.

Glad to see people have decided to let go off the things they’ve been crying for and started to move on. It’s nice to see some people fall in love. They smile and leave their miserable feed on social media.

Don’t forget the excitement when people just got graduated, and free from the struggle they faced to finish the thesis; or else, to see some people feeling excited being a freshman in a college. They enter a new life and can’t wait to go through the young adult age.

Some people finally decided to leave their job and chase their dream job, to be something they want to be, to do something they have passion with. Some people decided to run their business instead of working for someone else, because they’ve been craving for being a entrepreneur.

What I learn from them is, all the frames have the same similar pattern; one has to be at the bottom of the curve to crawl back and reach the top. Like it or not, it happens to us a bit often. We have to struggle and finish our final test to get the seat on our favorite college. To have our heart broken in order to fall in love again, to work and get through our job to realize it’s not the right place and know exactly what kind of job we would like to do.

Do you know what thing they have in common? They have H O P E. It makes them look forward to what will happen next, and they know exactly life will strand them in the shore of happiness. It’s risky to get there, but hope has made their soul both sure and determined that everything will make sense in the end.

Next, they also have F A I T H. Being down and befriend with sorrow is such a bad thing, but they decided to have massive trust that everything’s going to be better. They believe that they will get through all the problems and know there’s something good for them, waiting at the edge.

Besides, they also have L O V E, that one factor which makes them brave enough to run through the challenges. They love the dream; they love idea of being happy and reach the dreams. To stand tall and have the willingness to let go off the person who doesn’t love them back, to leave their job in order to chase their career, to study hard to pass the final test, you name it.

They decide to do certain things, because they’ve decided to be happy. It’s cliché, but yes, happiness is a choice. If we decide to be happy then we should be ready to work harder, to stand taller, and to run faster to get it. Besides, don’t leave your three main armors behind, FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.




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