Hello there, Finley.

Hi readers!

How are you feeling today? Or, how’s your week? I hope everything runs good, the way it should. We never really know each other, and you never really know who I am, right? So here’s my milestones of myself. How I have totally different personalities as I grow up. Let me share a bit (really just a bit) about me (some parts are about love) below. Attention: this post might be too finley-centric, lol. I hope you enjoy.


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Dear 5-year-old Finley,

Hello shy girl, how are you? You don’t feel like going to school? You feel offended in front of many people? Oh, and the worst is, I heard that you’re so stressed out at school and you throw up almost every day at the very same spot, very same time. Little Finley, you shouldn’t be worried about that. I know that you feel happy in your comfort zone, where your family loves you so much and make you the priority, your mom and dad love to hear you singing and act like a too-soon-to-grow-up girl; but hey, come on. You should step outside, you should be brave to face new people around you. Go out, make new friends, don’t be afraid for you know that you are just the same. You just need to be brave, and I know you are. Don’t take things seriously, don’t get stressed, give me your best smile and step forward. Okay, darl?

Dear 7-year-old Finley,

Hi girl, I saw that you make a lot of progress. You’re much braver now, I saw you standing on the stage, singing with your vocal group for Christmas. Wow, I never knew that you could be this confident. But hey, don’t think that mom didn’t tell me that you just ran away and hid yourself when your name was called for a solo singing competition. Where did you hide? You know what, knowing that you’re brave to go on a vocal group performance is really good, but why don’t you push yourself a little bit to go on a solo performance? You never know until you try, right? Shy girl. And oh… I saw that you have two male best friends now, they’re so kind I could tell. It must be so fun having two guy best friends at your age, they care about you so much, all of you look so cute together, and you wish this friendship will last forever. I tell you what, it won’t. So sad, huh? Well you’ll find another guy best friends in years ahead. Trust me.

Dear 11-year-old Finley,

Aw… you see? Your cheeks are blushing every time you look at that guy. What’s his name again? Oh, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Well, Finley, he’s a good guy you know, even 10 years from now, I can see that he has grown to be a smart and kind guy. Now what? You feel butterflies fly in your tummy? Well well… I know that feeling too. It’s fun to have yourself a sweet dream every night, right? Enjoy <3

Dear 13-year-old Finley,

Oh look at your smile, you wear dental braces now? You look… weird, hahaha. Okay, don’t throw a magazine at me. Okay, okay, so, who’s now? I mean, the guy. That one kid? That uber shy guy? Really?! He never has the urge to look right into your eyes, but I guess it’s his shyness that makes you fall for him, right? You definitely didn’t catch him from the first time, but as time goes by, he got you, right? Lol. So, now you have someone who accompanies you every night and day, talking about silly jokes, or even wish you a good night. It’s lovable, huh? It turns out that this shy young guy slowly turns out to be a braver guy. He tries to catch you, and you responses him too. But what can I do? You guys are young shy teenagers, try to tie one another but in the end… life separates you. But don’t worry, at least, now you know how to care about your opposite sex, good for you!

Dear 16-year-old Finley,

Well well… look at you! You have a boyrfriend now? Woohoo. But hey, I saw you running away and hiding behind a tree when you came to meet your boyfriend’s parents on the other day. You silly girl, why in the world did you do that? Stupid! Hahaha I can’t hold to laugh at your face. Oh my effin’ God. Finley, or Ley? They call you ‘Ley’ now, am I right? Too bad, you’ll face yourself spend the nights in tears, because you guys will be separated and he wasn’t like the way you thought. Don’t worry, that’s a part of growing up, you should know how a broken-heart feels like, because soon you will know how it feels when someone else mends your broken-heart. Just forget about him, let’s keep this memory somewhere else. Don’t open it up, for you will feel better anytime soon.

Dear 18-year-old Finley,

Hi Finley, you feel like you’re the happiest person in the world, huh? You have a supportive family, so many good friends around, you have a lovable boyfriend beside, well what else? You contribute yourself in so many new organizations and that’s good for you! Life is going to punch you in 1 year time, brace yourself! Lol. Nope, it’s okay, I tell you what, you’re so brave and you’ll get through it all because you will find so many new open-minded friends, you’ll meet so many successful foreign friends who will change your mindset and build your maturity even better, and oops someone who will change you on how to face problems. Brace yourself, your life is going to evolve slowly but sure, you will find your new self in six years. I’ll meet you there!

Dear 23-year-old Finley,

You have your first job, yay! You’re trying to live independently, and you struggle so hard. It’s part of growing up though. You had some experience living abroad, and that changes your mindset so much. I’m happy to see who you are now. You started to love yourself more, you accepted the fact that life is like a b*tch (sometimes), and you feel fine. Well, this is who you are now. You often find yourself sit and contemplate, and think, sometimes you get yourself sick because of over-thinking. Nah, that’s not good. But hell, I’m happy to see who you become now, and yes I know you still have many dreams to catch. You already know what’s your vision, you already know who you want to become, you already know how you see yourself in 10 year time from now. One last message for you, please have yourself ready for unpredictable surprises ahead, it’s not easy to reach your dreams, but you have to persevere and well… I’ll see you there!


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