Dear, my future ‘you’.

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Dear my future ‘you’,

If you ever read this someday, I just want to tell you a story about how I felt few times ago when we hadn’t met each other. You, this had been some time since the last time I’m with someone else. I could tell that I felt a bit pessimistic about love that day, I didn’t believe that there is a guy out there who would love me for who I am. I could tell that I felt too comfortable with my loneliness, or too busy hanging out with so many friends, or too busy trying new things I never thought I could do before. Some people find it hard to find their solitary moment, while this lonesome had all of it most of the time. I overthought about almost everything at most of the time, and my mind was full with thoughts of you some time. No, don’t laugh at me now, I know we hadn’t met that time, but I thought about you back then, I wondered what’s your name, where you’ll come from, and when we’ll meet.

You, it’s not that I didn’t meet anyone. I did. It’s not that they didn’t really catch my heart. Some of them caught me, even way too deep. But you, do you know that fate never led me to be with any of them. There was always a tiny obstacle happened, and there it was. I never ended up with anyone. You, I want to tell you, that I had been longing for you for quiet some time. I was too tired listening to cheesy love songs, daydreaming about sharing my not-funny jokes with you, watching romantic-comedy movies, or any other things that could make me felt you around.

And if you’re reading this this very second, I’m sure that I’m the happiest person on earth. I’m pretty sure I’m so grateful for my waiting has finally come to an end, and it is you that I’ve been waiting for so long. I know I’m going to pinch myself few times because this has got to be surrealistic for me, or you can help pinching me, would you? 🙂

You, there are some secrets about me I want to share to you, first, I’m going to lay my head in your warm embrace a lot, because I’m a hugger (really) and I’m sorry if this will bother you so much (or too much). Second, I love to eat so much, and I’m sure I’m going to have your portion and gulp it in one second if you don’t finish your food quickly (oh, I’m really sorry for myself). Third, I might be that kind of annoying person who sings a lot while you’re working, please shut my mouth with some food (again) or a kiss would be great. I’m quiet disturbing, ain’t I?

Above all, I beg you to never ever worry about me loving you, because you know, when I love someone, I do it whole-heartedly. I promise I will wake up early to help you get done to start your day, and when you come home I promise I’ll serve your favorite food and kiss you on your cheeks. I’ll wrap my arms from your back so you know that I’ll support you no matter what you do. I’ll pray for you every day, so you can reach your dreams and being happy for the rest of your life. I might forget that I wrote about this thing, but if you ever find yourself finish reading this, please smile, yes give me your brightest smile now, and if you find me forget to love you just  the way I promised in here, remind me to love you more. I love you, You.


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