Top 5 Series: My Favorite Instagram Kids

As a non kid lover, I sometimes find it hard to get close or even interact with these little annoying yet adorable creatures. But what can I say, as I grow older I started to love seeing kids, some friends said I’m probably ready to be a mom, but no, there’s no exact correlation in

What a Stranger Taught Me

It was a quite impulsive plan. My mom and I went to Petak 9 to buy some things. We got there around 9.30 AM, and the first thing popped in my mind was having breakfast at Es Kopi Tak Kie.  It should be another ordinary Sunday, but no 🙂 We were lucky enough to sit at the

Hello there, Finley.

Hi readers! How are you feeling today? Or, how’s your week? I hope everything runs good, the way it should. We never really know each other, and you never really know who I am, right? So here’s my milestones of myself. How I have totally different personalities as I grow up. Let me share a

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Exchange to Ho Chi Minh City

This time, I want to share my one of my unforgettable experience in 2013: Being Indonesia’s Representative in Student Exchange Program. Before going too far, I want to tell you that the term ‘student exchange’ here is actually not the kind of student who comes to a country and being taught about some subjects. It’s

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