Nope, I’m not gonna transforming to be a fashion-blogger and posting about what kind of Batik I wear today, how I mix and match it, and posing like top models. No, I’m not. Today, I just want to share with you guys about how we should be as youth from Indonesia : appreciate and be proud of what we have. And wearing Batik is one of the things we can do, and this is the topic I’m writing about.

I’m not a Batik collector. Honestly, I only have two blouses and one scarf with Batik motives on it. But, everytime I have a chance to show people my pride of being an Indonesian youngster, Batik has always been my first choice. Throw back to last July, my personal experience in Vietnam as an exchange participant, representing Indonesia. I wore my Batik there and showed it to my international friends. Many of them asked me, where did I buy it. I proudly told them that I brought it from Indonesia, and it’s the authentic cloth from Indonesia. Guess what their reaction? They were so surprised and told me how they love it. I wore a simple and modern Batik blouse and mixed-matched it with brown chino pants, which made me feel so ‘now’ without leaving the ‘then’. And that’s only one of my sweet experience of wearing Batik.

Today is Batik Day, the government gave a statement years ago to declare that October 2nd is Batik Day. It’s also reminiscing us at the time back then when we were fighting to have an official declaration from UNESCO that Batik as one of the world’s heritage from Indonesia. Don’t you remember how the M tried to steal it from us? :))

I saw many people wearing Batik today, office employers, students, college students, even me. I wore Batik today when I go to the mall, no I’m not related to any of those groups I mentioned in lines above. I just wore Batik because I want to participate in today’s happiness, as we, Indonesian, celebrating our pride of wearing Batik to the world.

I’ve read so many good stories about Batik after blog-walking to others site. Many other bloggers posting about their pride, their experience of wearing Batik. Over all, wearing Batik is good, nice, lovely, beautiful, and of course, elegant. And of course, wearing Batik is also an unspoken declaration of our winning for having Batik as an official and authenthic cloth from Indonesia against ‘the other country’. So guys, wear your Batik as often as possible, especially on Friday. And for those of you who don’t have one, go get your Batik tomorrow. Be a proud Indonesian youngster.

Happy Batik Day, people!

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