A Date with Yourself

Most people usually already have a plan about what they’re going to do on weekend, some have a date with their significant other, catch up with old friends, hold a family day, attend a gathering, etc. But do you ever have a plan with yourself on weekend? Yes, yourself. Alone. Solo.

Some people find it pathetic, but for me, why not?

If you would, you could spare a few hours with yourself, let’s say once a month or once every fortnight, just to thank and treat yourself sincerely. You do things you love without any interruption from other people. I mean yes, you may click with some people and I agree that at some point you will find who acts weird as much as you do, but remember that it’s always yourself who deals with your quirks. Are you sure you will have 100% similarity without even a slight difference in between? If not, then a solo date can be your happy-go-lucky moment (just once in a while, remember).

You know the words ‘Happiness comes within,’ this exactly tells you that in order to be happy with others you should start with make yourself happy. How? Probably by doing things you love and be really quirky, weird, be you. No one will complain your weirdness.

If you’re still blank, let me help you to share some ‘date with yourself’ ideas. Remember that these are not limited for you my fellow singles out there, because even if you’re in a relationship, you can also spare this golden hours with yourself. Here goes, my ‘Date with Yourself’ ideas:

A lunch date or dinner at home + good music

Buy yourself a take-home/delivered good food and beverages (beers/wines are great, but cold sodas could do). You deserve a treat, so spend a little bit more for yourself.  While waiting, you can start watching movies or turning your favorite music. Pssstt, I sometimes turn Backstreet Boys playlist and singing (more like shouting) with myself. You think my taste is so uncool, no? Haha.

Buy a movie ticket for yourself

This maybe a bit out-of-comfort-zone, because once you step in and do a one-ticket-please moment you will be scared out of hell. You will feel like everyone’s looking at you, and you buy yourself a medium sized popcorn (no share no care), and walk in insecurely. But trust me, once you get through this moment, the next ones will be much easier. You can choose whatever you want to watch, whatever!

Drive around aimlessly

It’s not money efficient (the gas is high), but if you have extra funds for yourself, you can drive yourself to places around, find new shortcuts to your favorite spots. If you want a bit adventure, have a quick road trip to a city/town nearby. Remember to prepare a good playlist, so you can sing out loud on your way.

Take yourself to the mall

Window shopping does exist! Try new clothes or shoes without even buying. You can discover cute guys/girls around, smile to random people, be nice to securities/SPGs. Oh, don’t forget to dress up just like you’re going to meet someone. A date is a date, one should dress well on a date, right?

On a budget? Try this one

If you like, you can do an online karaoke session. For more productive one, record yourself while singing and upload it on SoundCloud/YouTube/Instagram. You can also sit down and sign up to Stumble Upon, a site where you can find tons of pictures/information which fits with your interest. I’ll dig more about sites I love to visit on the next post.

What I love the most

Watching TV series! Especially the light romantic comedy ones. Since I also love to stay in my room, I normally do a wardrobe cleaning, re-organize stuffs into drawers/boxes, redecorate my room, basically anything to make my room more comfortable.


Aristotle once said that “Man is by nature a social animal”, therefore, I urge you to go out and socialize too. A solo date is good but having more time with friends are great! Do this kind of date once a while, but socialize more. I also didn’t try to tell you to be selfish, because if you go out with some friends you will still have to compromise. However, when it comes to your glorious day (read: date with yourself/solo date/me time), do it with what your heart wants.

Having a plan to date with yourself helps you to know yourself more, because eventually you will know what kind of food you really love – don’t forget about the perks of not have to share it with anyone else; you know what kind of movies you enjoy the most – yes, choose it by yourself no need to compromise (IT’S LIBERATING!), and et cetera.

Go out, treat yourself, understand your deepest thoughts, and last but not least, love yourself!

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Date with bruschetta would work!

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