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Hi, readers!

So we (some friends and I) had this long weekend last week, on May 1-3rd 2015. Because of the long weekend, so mostly every orang Jakarta (that’s how we call people who live in Jakarta) moved their ass to Bandung. And BOOM! There goes a sudden heavy traffic happened in Bandung. Let’s see what happened last week 😀


First day, first stop:

Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House, located somewhere at Gerbang Tol Pasteur. Cottonwood is ready to serve you with comfy, and retro/rustic/Japanese look on the inside. The food is nice, they have two types of main course: Indonesian and Western. I picked Spaghetti Kampoeng for my lunch, as it seems like a mix of Indonesian and western flavor. Guess what? It tastes heaven! It’s so Indonesian oh my God, and I love how they sprinkled the lime leaves on top of my pasta. I was too hungry that day (I always get too hungry at most of the time anyway), so I didn’t take a picture of it. Again, I really love the interior here, it’s so… homey I could say. Lookie lookie!

1 Cottonwood collage


Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House

Jl. Mustang B2-1A Kumala Garden

Bandung, Indonesia

Instagram: @cottonwoodbnb

Next stop:

The Green Forest Resort, for soon-to-be brides and grooms, you might want to take a look at this place, as it has a small and beautiful chapel for you to hold your wedding ceremony here. If you take more steps to the downhill, you will find a bridge surrounded by trees. Psstt.. the place is too photogenic, I bet you couldn’t resist to take some pictures. You can stay overnight here, as they offer some natural and wooden rooms and so close to the greens. The Green Forest Resort is located at Lembang, if you want to find some lower temperature place, this is the place! Lembang offers so many restaurants, public attractions to go, places to stay. If you have time, please have a visit to The Green Forest Resort.

2 Greenforest collage


The Green Forest Resort

Jl. Sersan Bajuri No. 102, Cihideung

Bandung, Indonesia

Instagram: @thegreenforestresort


Who’s up for a tea walk? We, we, we!! We drove to Ciater, more upper side of Bandung and went for a tea walk. It was so breathe-taking, looking at the green view, temperature was a bit low that I had to put my pashmina on my shoulders. It was only a quick visit to a tea garden, and we the (so-called) urban people just busy taking photos and adoring the view.

3 Tea Garden collage

FYI, after having fun at the garden, we faced a super heavy traffic from Ciater down to Bandung. It took us almost 3 hours! The formula is simple, Saturday night + long weekend + Bandung = HEAVY TRAFFIC REPORTED AHEAD. We used Waze application to help us showing the shortcuts, but too bad, it was still taking a long time to get down to the city.


After having your dinner. We, the girls, continued our long journey to a café for some girls time. We went to Saka Bistro and Bar, it was because we stalked their Instagram feed before and amazed by how they make the latte art. But, we got disappointed because all of the latte art thing can only be made on week days. Come on 🙁 but it was all still fine because our latte are still in a good-taste, the ambience is so interesting, and there was an amazing live performance from a band. I couldn’t stop myself taking pictures of the place, next time I’ll make sure to come here on weekday and afternoon, to get good latte art and good pictures, of course.

5 Saka collage


Saka Bistro and Bar

Jl. Karang Sari No.2 Setiabudhi

Bandung, Indonesia

Instagram: @sakabistrobar


Last day has always been the hardest day to waking up. We got packed early in the morning and went down the hill and and stopped at a local florist who sells cactus in a cheap price. I still can’t believe I purchased a cactus for myself. Well, I never raised a living creature before, and never thought that cactus would be my first pick. I always thought that I would have a pet someday, but hey, growing up a plant isn’t a bad choice at all. I purchased for only Rp 5.000,- If you want something colorful, you can choose the red or blue one, it’s Rp 20.000,-

cactus collage

We went downhill afterwards, had a Sundanese food for lunch and continued to buy some local snacks at the most popular snacks shops: Kartika Sari and Prima Rasa. These are the most common food people buy to take home: Pisang Bolen Keju, Brownies Kukus, Brownies Panggang, Banana Roll Keju, and you might want to try Klapertaart by Den Haag (I haven’t tasted it myself).

Talking about Bandung is never enough if you don’t talk about the food. Yes, we had munched lots of food and no, we didn’t regret it at all :)) But again, I was always too hungry to spare few minutes just to take some pictures of my food. Haha. So, here goes, I only have 2 pictures and they’re all del.ici.ous! Starting from the upper side, it is a chicken porridge, named Bubur Gibbas. I should say Bubur Gibbas is sooo bombastic!! Seriously, you need to taste it yourself. The place is located near Paskal Hyper Square. One of the most unforgettable is Mi Rica Kejaksaan. It’s a spicy pork chopped Chinese noodle in a bowl of heaven. Trust me, it’s one of the best homemade noodle ever. If you don’t like something spicy or hot, you better not try, as it is so sooo spicy. I don’t care if it looks like a Bolognaise Spaghetti, well, some of my friends said so. But it is reaaaaalllllyyyyy yammeh!

Bubur Gibbas
Bubur Gibbas
Mi Rica Kejaksaan
Mi Rica Kejaksaan

To be honest, there were more of it, because we ate so much… I mean, too much! Yes, we ate twice for dinner at most of the time, continued to have some snacks afterwards, and usually end the night with café-ing with a view. I ate a lot and I swear I won’t check my weighing scale for the next weeks, as I’m going to cry :p

Bubur Gibbas

Jl.Kebonjati No 205

Bandung, Indonesia


Mi Rica Kejaksaan – Paskal Hyper Square

Jl. Pasirkaliki No. 25-27 Braga Sumur

Bandung, Indonesia

To sum it up, I feel so grateful to have this amazing EO, Devi Lourent, wiihiii. Thank you for helping us a lot, you’re the busiest, toughest, most patient human ever. Thanks to my new friends, it was 14 of us and yeah we are friends of friends of friends of friends, lol. Thanks to WAZE app, you helped us a lot, yet you tricked us sometimes haha. Last but not least, thanks to Villa Kembar Ungu. YEAH! This was the place where we stayed at for 2 nights, and everything is painted in purple, seriously I got my eyes sick of seeing purple for the next months, I guess. Haha. The price is so affordable, the room and bathroom is nice and clean, and it is located at Lembang. You can take a look at the official website for bookings.

Say hello to the team!
Say hello to the team!

Quick guide:

  1. Make sure to install Waze or Google Maps
  2. Make sure to calculate the time and the traffic time, especially when you come on weekend, as most of the café and restaurants in Bandung are closed at 12 PM (even on weekend).
  3. Make sure you have a car dustbin, as it is one of the local regulations in Bandung. The police can randomly check your car out, and fine you if you don’t have one.

Until the next holiday stories!

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